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Regular turnaround time 1-2 business days production. Plus shipping time.
Regular turnaround time 1-2 business days production. Plus shipping time.
Pro Tips to Creating Better Custom T-shirts Design for Printing

Pro Tips to Creating Better Custom T-shirts Design for Printing

Custom apparel has become popular for both individuals and business owners who want to have their own custom items. Having your custom tees made is as simple as uploading your design to a custom t-shirt printing service. However, the process of creating the design for the custom apparel is a daunting task. Print shop near me: here are some pro tips to help you create a design for your custom apparel.


  1. Take the Time to Explore the Concepts


Before ordering your design to be printed by a custom t shirt printing service, take some time to create some variations. Once you have come up with a few variations, take some time away from the design and then go back to it. If you still love the design, that’s great, and you should send in the order. If not, try looking at the other designs or go back to creating a design.


  1. Detail can be King; But You should Keep It Simple


Almost everyone can appreciate attention to detail in drawings, and drawings that take a lot of abilities. However, some of the best custom apparel designs are simple and get the message across in seconds. A simple design is also less likely to have problems during the printing process.


  1. Humor should be Subtle


If you are going to have a humorous design, you should try to keep it from becoming a cheap joke shirt / cheap custom shirts. Successful in your face and loud designs keep the humor on the subtle side.


  1. Color


To get the most from custom apparel, the colors in the design need to both complementary with each other, and the item that you plan on printing on. Adobe Illustrator makes this easy with their Global Color Setting. It is both a life saver and time saver for anyone who is using Illustrator for designing.


  1. Learn About Designs


Having a good understanding of anything means understanding the context behind it. There are design elements seen today that come from the many subcultures that have existed, even if the subculture does not exist today. If you want to design your own custom apparel, knowing the context behind the design elements means that you can reach the right audience.


  1. Good Custom T-shirts Printing Service


Your custom tees and other apparel can only look as good as the printing service is able to produce. The sizes, weight, costs, labeling options and more will affect how the product works for you in the end. You will want to work with a custom t shirt printing service that treats your custom apparel like its own retail product.


Having an amazing design on custom apparel can show off your business or your personal style. Luckily once you have the design, you can have it printed on many, different items from custom tees to tote bags.

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